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The search engine optimization strategy of theming a web site is more common sense and usability than trickery. The basic premise behind the strategy of thumbing a website is that each section of the website must be relevant to the other section, and only the sections that are relevant to each other are linked together.

One of the biggest incentives to theme a site is that the some of the search engines use themes as part of their algorithm for inclusion into their database of websites. Not only do they use themes as a factor for inclusion, but they also use themes as a factor for deciding which web site ranks higher. One such search engine that uses themes as a factor is Google.

Some of the search engines that use Themes in their algorithm are: Altavista, Inktomi, Google, Excite, Lycos, and Webcrawler. Although they all use themes in their algorithms, Lycos and Webcrawler do not have a very strong emphasis on themes.

One of the reasons that many webmasters and search engine optimizers do not use themes is because to theme a site it requires that you construct the site from the beginning with the themes in mind, or you do a total site reconstruction or renovation. Although many people do not opt to go for the themed approach, it is one of the most effective and safest ways to optimize a site.

When we mention that theming is one of the safest ways to optimize a site we are referring to the way the site is perceived in the eyes of the search engines. A properly themed site, that is linked properly, has the correct naming convention, does not use Flash or other things of this sort, eliminates the need for doorway pages or cloaking. Cloaking is the term for serving the search engine spiders with one page of HTML and the user with another using different types of programming. These two optimization methods can be seen by the search engines as a form of manipulation or spam.

We like to use the theme strategy because it gives us the chance to optimize your site to the fullest, while using other methods as well, and keep your online business safe. If you are running a business on the Internet, you can not afford to have your site banned from the search engines because you cloaked your site, or you had too many doorway pages.




Search Engine World Themes
Search engine optimization expert Brett Tabke's website, Search Engine World, explores the analysis and dissection of the Theme Based Search Engine, as well as offering links, discussions, and other theme resources.


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